Who We Are

A Technical Company Specialized In Surveillance Systems Recording devices & accessories and all electronic devices in the field of protection & safety .


as a result of urgent continuous need for security technical solutions , protection devices , monitoring and alarming systems ,  modern security technologies systems , wire & wireless  systems & fire alarm system .

iraqi markets requirements are in urgent need of these security modern technologies in this new field to help in solving security problems in modern technological ways .

our company established in 2007 as ( AL-Hudhud company for security & technologies / diwaniyah branch ) .

Our company has technical and engineering capacities to supply , install, design technical solutions and prepare scientific studies in monitoring and technologies systems, our company implemented many projects in security fields and alternative energy solutions . After the development and the progress of our work ,we expanded our activity and we established the International Center for the technologies and information systems in 2010. we executed many projects in the fields of monitoring systems , wire & wireless networks, recording devices attendance and departure devices of employees, and information systems , software and various technical projects. At the end of 2012, we unified all our branches and institutions under the name of (High Security Company for Technologies and General Trade LTD) where we begun manufacturing CCTV Camera Systems, the brand new HST and the highest specifications, efficient and high quality.